The Birth of an Idea, Fueled by Frustration!

Rapid Fire Vehicle Sensor Calibration Target Alignment System is the brainchild of shop owner, technician Richard Jackson. While embracing the ever-changing technologies we face as automotive technicians and encountering many struggles attempting to accurately place the required target plates or optical targets in a shop with a floor made up of multiple elevations, posed an additional set of challenges. How can I make this easier, there has to be a better way!

While most shops in the automotive industry are faced with similar challenges when it comes to having a perfectly level floor, we all know that not everyone has the space or financial means to add on to accommodate such an area to dedicate to ADAS calibrations, in steps Rapid Center to alleviate your pain and make this an effective, efficient and affordable solution for an accurate calibration set-up process.

ADAS Calibration Rapid Center
ADAS Rapid Calibration Wheel

Let’s keep this money in house rather than giving it to another shop down the street.

With Rapid Center, the set-up time required to accurately locate and position your target to then allow the ADAS process to complete has been reduced to 10 minutes or less on virtually any car.

Whether you are setting up for Adaptive Cruise Control Calibration, Rear View Camera, Blind Spot, Surround View, Night Vision, Rear Automatic Braking and Collision Avoidance systems, this system will reduce set-up time and frustration and lead to a more profitable outcome.

The other nice thing about this tool is that it will work with any scan tool capable of completing the ADAS programming, calibration or set-up.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get into the ADAS market, RJ Calibrations and Rapid Center is here to help!

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